Geek in the making

 - by admin

Right from his initiative to start school a week before the school year officially started or even before that – when he will go over his previous lessons and request for a review during summer vacation, I really think my husband and I have a geek in the making in this little child of ours. Not that it’s bad. I love that he initiates and loves learning so much to want to bury himself in it instead of spending hours on end playing on the game consoles.

Another thing that got me a little more convinced that he is one geek in the making happened last week. The hubby was out of the country for a missions trip and has got the plugs re-arranged of sorts, such that the multimedia player was not working and the xbox console was the one plugged in the LCD. I never figured out how those octopus cords get where they should. So I appealed to the little guy to wait for a couple more weeks until his father comes back. Because I have no clue anything about video cards, let alone where those cords and all those plugs should go for them to work.

Needless to say, it did not take long until he’s got things working. I know I shouldn’t be wondering. Why, he started dropping Entrecards for me when he was two years old! And figured his way around the games in my computer without my teaching him how and again, the list goes on. ๐Ÿ™‚

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