First Word: Car

 - by admin

Just one of those random recollection whenever we watch videos we took of our son since he was a baby. This little guy of ours started talking at around 10 months. While other parents would thrill over their children uttering, “Mama” or “Papa,” for their first word, our son blabbered the word “car,” for his first word. No wonder, as he was pretty fixated on everything about cars, from the images from his soft picture books to the actual toys that he played with as he started to get mobile.

We knew right there that we had a “car dude baby.” At 5, he hasn’t quite outgrown his fondness about cars. I guess it is here to stay. It is probably one of the things his father and him will bond about when he gets older. With his old man teaching him a thing or two about reliable cheap car insurance and whathaveyous.

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