Best buddies

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This was taken last March 2 when the boys are fresh out of Bruno’s Barbershop in Shangri-la Mall. The little guy had to get his hair cut in preparation of his graduation. He always loves it when he has his hair trimmed side by side by his father. Although I was basically my son’s official hair trimmer, I had to quit when he turned 3. There were just so many things to do online that I can no longer waste 30 minutes on trimming his hair. I can only commend my son for staying on his chair for long whenever I did the trimming.

This visit to Bruno’s Barbershop was the first time that my son’s sideburns were shaved off. I have always known since he was an infant that he’s probably one of those bunch who would never need a testosterone booster ever in their lives. My son has so much hair all over his body and the shaved portion was so defined that his face looked fairer on both spots.

My boys are both wearing their Manchester United uniforms. The hubby being a huge soccer fan is set on influencing our son to love the game too. Our son can already kick ball.  We’re thrilled to have him join a soccer clinic before the year ends. 🙂

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