Back from Vietnam and Cambodia

Our family just flew back from Vietnam and Cambodia. A blast, it was! We could have brought our PACES with us on this trip and maybe have our son work on them from time to time. But we chose not to. Our son worked hard enough before we left, so I think he deserves a complete break.

Jed at the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

He did bring with him a couple of books and a few of his tool toys from his tool box, including a flange, his DSi and also got to take home a miniature “siklo.” A kind of vehicle used widely in Cambodia.

We have gazillion of photos to sort and we are just grateful that God allowed our family to experience such fab vacation. It was also our first time to have a full week of vacation. Very often our getaways last no more than 3 days and it was kind of more exhausting than otherwise.

Meanwhile, back at the homefront, our homeschooler is back on doing PACES. 🙂

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