An old photo, on being tech savvy and update on our homeschooling journey

I was browsing through our digital albums when I chanced upon this photo of our homeschooler when he was two years old. While I’d say it is the computer age that got him to be tech savvy so early, it just amazes me till now how he can figure things out for himself techie stuff more than I can.

Now that he’s six years old, he figures things out almost instantly. Something he took after his father and for which I am grateful. I would not be surprised if he’d take on Web Developer Jobs when he grows up. Even now that he is more responsible, he only gets to play the consoles an hour a day, max. The rule stays. We all know the ability of these zombifying consoles to people’s productivity.  We are glad that he’s gotten used to being told when his time is up. Sure there is a level of resistance, sad face mostly. But he has learned to jump right off of it and grab a book to read or do something else more productive.

The kid is pretty busy anyway with his PACES and is currently 1 PACES away until he levels up to Grade 3! Exciting time for us. Another milestone we are yet to celebrate!

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