An anniversary card from our homeschooler

These homeschoolers just got back from a much needed getaway. We just flew back from Hongkong to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! Indeed, time flies when you’re having fun. And because one of our itineraries include a trip to the happiest place on earth – Disneyland, there was no way we can leave our little guy at home.  He celebrated with us as we roamed the different places in Hongkong.

As always, my husband was again able to surprise me with three different cards throughout the day which he strategically placed first thing in the morning (before I slept), midday and just before I sleep on December 8, 2011. As I was reading through the cards, our little guy would curiously look at each one and vowed that he’s going to make us a card as soon as he gets his hands on a piece of paper. I saw him have this look of awe on his face when he saw me happily reading through his father’s messages for me written on the cards. It makes me almost sure that he’s going to be a great husband himself when he grows up. 🙂

Our 6 year old son’s Happy Anniversary card for us

To: Mama and Papa

From: Jed

“Mama, did you know that I love you and Papa?”

“Thank you for inviting me to your 10th anniversary.”

Not perfect. With an erasure and the word “anniversary” wrongly spelled.  But he did it all by himself with no help from any of us. I wasn’t even too sure that he was getting on it still.  I love that he thanked us that we invited him to our anniversary. Because really, we could have easily chosen to just leave him behind and celebrate without him.  Somehow in his little mind, he knew this was possible so he thanked us for inviting him to our 10th anniversary celebration. And here’s the kicker – he placed the card inside my bag. When he thought there was no way I was going to rummage through my bag anytime soon, he hinted for me to check out my bag and get the card he made for us. How can we have the heart to leave such a sweet boy behind?

My F&V doctor’s bag anniversary present that Jeff bought for me some weeks back. I am the sole soul who owns this kind of bag and I cannot be more thrilled.  This made our not being able to line up in this one store in Hongkong (which we originally planned) okay with me. The line was awfully long and our son was already complaining from all the walking we have put him through. I have my friend, Frances, to thank for. She could have chosen to just keep and not sell it. It’s all leather and I love, love, love it!  Should blog about it soon! 🙂

Because our little guy saw how I loved his father’s anniversary gift, he wanted to buy me titanium bracelets for present when we went duty free shopping when we came back from Hongkong. But stopped short when he realized he cannot afford them. Haha! I’m not sure if it has something to do with men being competitive. But he has always wanted to buy me something whenever his papa gets me anything special.  I have such a sweet and thoughtful young man in the making. Thanks to the “training” his father is unconsciously giving him by being such a loving husband.

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