Adjusting back to our homeschool routine

 - by admin

I just found out today that the materials for the curriculum that we will be using in the next three months – ABCs with Ace and Christi is now ready for pick up. We will be going to the office in the next couple of days to pick them up.

Now here is when I get serious about going on a routine myself in preparation for our school days. If I come to think of it, it shouldn’t be so hard since I practically breezed through it last school year. My jobs in between did not get in the way. But I remember being awfully insomniac. Because whatever I cannot do during the day (online jobs and house chores), I am compelled to do through the night, makes sleeping pills out of the question. But I am so hoping that it wouldn’t be such a struggle for me and I will do better this school year and move on towards being a homeschool expert of sorts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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