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To Christian Homeschooler readers

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First off, thank you so much for visiting this page. We are thrilled that more and more people are actually considering this alternative education for their children. I do receive each and every inquiry that you send via email. While I used to individually reply to your emails, I do not anymore, have the luxury of time.

Christian Homeschooler is our family’s way of blogging about our homeschooling journey that started in 2009. We have been using School of Tomorrow‘s homeschooling curriculum and have been vouching for it ever since. If you would like to enroll, please contact the numbers I provided via the FAQ page. Families cannot enroll via Christian Homeschooler. For some reason, I always receive enrollment inquiries to the tune of, “We would like to enroll our children to your school.” And while we do pray to be able to start our own school using the SOT curriculum, it currently is not existing yet. It actually is an encouragement for us to continue praying about it.

I actually salute the number of families who are considering homeschooling. Before we actually formally homeschooled, a lot of well-meaning friends and relatives tried to talk us out of it with matching list of suggestions Read this article »