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Getting to know BLESS (Basic Life Empowerment & Support Services)

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I confess, if not for a very efficient, parent-friendly homeschool curriculum, our homeschooling family would not have thrived beyond a few months in this alternative education system. I am happy to report that we have been homeschooling for two years and we cannot be more glad to have chosen School of Tomorrow’s homeschooling program. I have time and again emphasized in my homeschool blog, Christian Homeschooler, that the curriculum you choose has a lot to do with a family’s success in homeschooling. This explains why I would rave on and on about the effectiveness of School of Tomorrow’s curriculum. Nothing beats vouching for something that you have experienced for yourself on a firsthand level.

What amazes me more is what the people behind this curriculum have also managed to put up, a not-for-profit organization called Basic Literacy Education & Support System (BLESS). Its design is to reach out to the community as it penetrates through its network of organizations. BLESS makes use of the School of Tomorrow system and they put up BLESS Reading Centers to teach children how to read in 18 to 20 weeks. As someone with a child who actually learned how to read with comprehension through the SOT system at four years old, I know for a fact, that this is very doable given the right tool. Our family is beyond sold out when it comes to the SOT’s system.

BLESS kids graduating from the program

Four main goals of BLESS:

  1. Lead souls to Christ (children, parents, siblings and relatives).
  2. Teach children how to read.
  3. Teach children rudimentary math.
  4. Instill godly values by teaching of God’s creation and plan of salvation through Christ. Read this article »

Benefits of Preschool with Ace and Christi Curriculum

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I cannot remember anymore where exactly the hubby and I came to an understanding that we will homeschool our son. What I am definitely sure about is his influence on me after he came home from one of those administrators trainings that he attended in School of Tomorrow in Paranaque.

The hubby and I originally prayed about being able to start a preschool in the church where he pastors (www.sbcmakati.org). But for some reasons (including the fact that the church building’s locations isn’t a conducive one) this plan has not flourished yet. God has His perfect time. And because we are so sold out to the School of Tomorrow’s curriculum, we chose not to give our son second best. Hence, we chose homeschooling via SOT’s curriculum.

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Our 22nd letter sound: V for Victor Vole

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We met a new animal today and his name is Victor Vole.  The concepts that were taught along side the letter sound “V” are thorough, efficient, content, self accepting, sharing and adoption.  V is the 22nd letter sound that we have learned since we started homechooling last June 2009.  

As my son’s teacher I am to reinforce throughout each day the letter sound that we focus on.  This week’s being, “V.”  It is important to pronounce the letter sound correctly.  While some might mistakenly pronounce it as “va,” it really should be pronounced as is — V.  Like for instance, the word Victor. If you teach a child to pronounce V as “va,” then he will get confused if he later reads the word as VAictor and you correcting him to pronounce it as Victor instead.

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Wrapping up this week’s animal story, Kikki Kangaroo and Concepts Learned

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Concepts learned this week: the value of being observant, prudent, keeping a “good” secret, growing up, triangles. This video zeroes in on the importance of being obedient and following rules. This is something any parent will be glad incorporated in a school curriculum.

Here are the things that this week’s lesson focused on: Read this article »

Spotted: Australia

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In relation to last week’s animal, Kikki Kangaroo, here’s a picture of my son as he once again added to the number of countries he can now spot on the globe — Australia.  He first got a hold of a globe when he was three.  A toy gift globe was given to him by his grandparents.  It most interested him how far away he is from where his friend Cham-Cham is, who was and still is in London.  He now knows a host of other countries and places, including the Philippines.  He can easily spot a place he previously learned about and most of them we just taught to him once.


It’s fun how the School of Tomorrow curriculum is able to incorporate all these learnings to a preschooler in such interesting way.  I believe this to be the primary reason why my son is able to pick things up fast and retain them.   

Pledge to the Christian Flag and the Bible

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After reciting the pledge of allegiance to the Philippine flag, my son will then procede to recite the pledge to the Christian flag and to the Bible. A basic homeschool routine in the School of Tomorrow’s Preschool with Ace and Christ curriculum.  It took my son just a few days to memorize the words, but more than the words, I also make sure that he understands what the pledges mean. 

Concluded our First Quarter of Preschool with Ace and Christi

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first quarter

We have wrapped up our first quarter of homeschooling this week. I never thought I could breeze through it. The first few weeks, I did not exactly glide. It is kind of the fear of treading a path that you haven’t been to but you know in my heart you are purposed for. It was actually sweet anticipation with a tinge of apprehension, when we started two months ago.

Some days before we formally started, I was uncertain if I will ever be adequate enough. But God’s grace proved to be sufficient and has allowed for us to maximize our homeschooling time and it swells my heart seeing my son develop one day at a time.

Here are some of the few things my son is able to do as we concluded his first quarter of Preschool with Ace and Christi: Read this article »

Preschool with Ace and Christi’s Visualized Instruction

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Eye means “find” or “look”
Crayon means “color”
Finger means “trace,” “point,” or “place your finger on”
Marker means “draw”
Ear means “listen carefully”
Mouth means “say”
Stop sign means “do as Ace is doing” (the picture of Ace handing Miss Content a PACE will serve as the instruction to turn the PACE in to the supervisor for scoring)
Scissors means “cut”
Glue means “glue”
Question mark means “think”

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Meeting the first animal: Abbie Antelope

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Abbie Antelope was the first animal we met for the Preschool with Ace and Christi curriculum. It helped a lot that Jed is a very musical boy. He thoroughly enjoyed the music, hand motions and the story behind this very first animal. We’re on to looking forward to next week’s other animals. 🙂

The tacky taffy stuck so fast that Abbie Antelope just gasped.
Miss Abbie Antelope can’t stand the tacky taffy on her hands.