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Concluded our First Quarter of Preschool with Ace and Christi

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first quarter

We have wrapped up our first quarter of homeschooling this week. I never thought I could breeze through it. The first few weeks, I did not exactly glide. It is kind of the fear of treading a path that you haven’t been to but you know in my heart you are purposed for. It was actually sweet anticipation with a tinge of apprehension, when we started two months ago.

Some days before we formally started, I was uncertain if I will ever be adequate enough. But God’s grace proved to be sufficient and has allowed for us to maximize our homeschooling time and it swells my heart seeing my son develop one day at a time.

Here are some of the few things my son is able to do as we concluded his first quarter of Preschool with Ace and Christi: Read this article »