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Pasalubong shopping at Ben Tanh Market, HCMC

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Aside from all the praises that we have for Thien Xuan Hotel, its location is also perfect being a block away from Ben Tahn Market. We did not wait another day to go visit and check out the knick knacks at Ben Tanh Market. We went for our pasalubong shopping at night time.

Ben Tanh Night Market is the place to go for tourists if you would like to be able to haggle and buy stuff for cheap. These are the first batch of pasalubong we were able to get hold of on our first night at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The collection of stuff for sale were so varied, I could have bought one of each if only I have the luggage space. From detailed and pretty dish paintings, funny coffe mugs, iPho shirts and other souvenir items.

Being homeschoolers, this serves like our field trip of sorts. We get to expose our son to a different culture, their history and lifestyle. The gazillion of photos that we came home with will come very handy as we read more about Vietnam and Cambodia in our Social Studies class. ๐Ÿ™‚