Almost there!

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We are less than a couple weeks away from finishing our Level 4 PACES! Unlike the previous months, the homeschooler is more excited about finishing all of his goals every day this past weeks. It used to take him until evening to finish the goals he has set to finish everyday, which is 5 pages for each 8 subjects.

For this particular PACE set, he was especially challenged in his Filipino PACE. He had to go through “Pang-uri” (Adjective) and “Pang-abay” (Adverb) a three time run through before he was able to master them. I admit to having had a hard time myself since I also had to go through the lesson to be able to get him to understand fully before he went on to work on his Filipino PACE test.

Here’s how our homeschooler fared in his most recent PACE tests:

Math – 97%
English – 97.5%
Social Studies – 100%
Science – 100%
Word Building – 100%
Filipino – 97%
Araling Panlipunan – 100%
Creative Writing – 100%

We are looking forward to ordering our homeschooler’s Level 5 PACE materials when we have submitted all his Level 4 PACE Tests and Master Record Sheet. Read this article »

Back from Vietnam and Cambodia

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Our family just flew back from Vietnam and Cambodia. A blast, it was! We could have brought our PACES with us on this trip and maybe have our son work on them from time to time. But we chose not to. Our son worked hard enough before we left, so I think he deserves a complete break.

Jed at the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Our homeschooler’s first attempt at Cursive Handwriting

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While some schools wait until the second week of January to resume classes, our homeschooling routine after the holidays started on January 3. It was the first day of our Level 3 class. One of the first lessons Jed had was the introduction of Cursive Handwriting. I was almost sure that it was going to be a challenge since this homeschooler has gotten used to handwriting in manuscript and is already pretty comfortable with it.

Just to give you an idea how well our 6 year old son is doing on his manuscript writing, above is a sample.  The School of Tomorrow‘s curriculum has such well-designed program that my son’s progression to this kind of good handwriting was not pushed at all. As with most of his subject’s approach to every lesson, mastery plays the important role to retention and the child’s improvement on every given lesson.  We seriously could not have chosen a better homeschooling curriculum for our son.

I was pretty impressed at how my son fared on his first few pages of learning cursive handwriting.  Photo above was the first page he finished.

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Number Works ‘n Words

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When Number Works ‘n Words emailed me an invite to their event for bloggers some weeks back, I felt it was perfect timing to jumpstart my scouting for a class where I can enroll my 5 year old son this summer. Although, basically as homeschoolers, we have the option to head on to the next Level, in the event that the student is done with his current one.  We are currently in Level 1. Two more PACES for each subject (he’s got five) and he’s done with this curriculum. But I am leaning towards having him rest for the summer, even as it coincides the vacation season most traditional students are having anyway.

At first glance, I thought Number Works ‘n Words was just your ordinary tutorial center. I even thought that Apple may have applications that we can download via iPad that has the same reinforcing subjects to hone my son’s Math skills. Apparently, Number Works ‘n Words go beyond what applications that we already now have installed in our iPad can do. There are just some values that cannot be provided by a lone gadget, like the impressive assessment that Number Works ‘n Words have available for their students in their system. We appreciate its concept because it is one of the core values of the curriculum that we use in our homeschool.

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