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LHA is now Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow – Home Education Program

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This homeschooling family were in Cambodia last March 30, 2012 when this great news arrived in my inbox!

Rev. Delbert Hooge announced during Living Heritage Academy’s (LHA’s ) Banquet/ Awards Night (March 30, 2012) that the home education program of the Philippine School of Tomorrow for elementary and high school levels have been accredited by the DepEd. LHA is now renamed as Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow – Home Education Program . Praise be to God!

My husband and I were thrilled to hear the news. We did miss the Banquet/Awards night because we were overseas. But we celebrated with our fellow homeschoolers using the School of Tomorrow curriculum, nonetheless. Living Heritage Academy’s not being accredited back then yet did not stop us from using it anyway as we homeschool our son. Read this article »

Milestone: ABC’s with Ace and Christi Graduation

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My son is done with ABC’s with Ace and Christi last year. We are, to date, towards the homestretch of our Level 1 Curriculum. But since we are homeschoolers, we have to wait for this time to be able to call it official and be handed the certificate of graduation. It is fun time for us as well for we get to meet fellow homeschoolers during their rehearsals and graduation ceremony.

Time flies fast. Seems like it was only yesterday when we celebrated Jed’s graduation from Preschool with Ace and Christi. While it is already a given that our family is sold out to School of  Tomorrow‘s homeschooling curriculum, I just love how the Living Heritage Academy come up with such wonderful graduation program for us homeschoolers.

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Done with the first half of ABCs with Ace and Christi Program

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My little homeschooler and I wrapped up the first half of our current curriculum – ABCs with Ace and Christi. We were told by the representative of Living Heritage Academy that this program will more or less be done by three months.

We have actually started with the second half and are guided by this second manual of the curriculum program. We started with the program last June. We will off to Level 1 proper in the next couple of months. Time flies! 🙂

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Milestone: Our son graduates from Preschool with Ace and Christi w/ 2 awards!

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The hubby and I are still beaming from ear to ear. When we had our son attend those graduation rehearsals, we were not expecting that he will graduate with awards. For one, we are homeschooling. So he is not up competing with other students. But I figured this is the purpose for LHA‘s requiring us to submit grades and for that oral testing that the kids had to go through previously (which was not announced). It being not announced makes for a perfect assessment. Because it will be able to determine if the parents who homeschool their kids keep up with the standard of the curriculum.

We can have the best curriculum in homeschooling, but if the parent or guardian, who will stand as the child’s teacher will not apply what is advised in the curriculum, the child will not be able to maximize the learnings he could get out of it. Here’s a fact: it is so easy to be complacent when you are homeschooling.  So unless a parent has the right reasons to homeschool a child, it is better to send them to a traditional school.

Best in Sound Recognition

When the host said that the first award was Best in Sound Recognition, I did have an inkling that it could be our son to get that award. The previous oral assessment was a give away when all the teachers were amazed by how our son’s timing and tone for every song he was asked to sing. (The Preschool with Ace and Christi curriculum makes use of music for every letter sound of the alphabet).  But then again, we cannot be so sure. It might always be that the other graduates did well as he did. So when he was called, we were not any less surprised, we were very pleased even.   So proud of our son. 😀

Most Number of Excellent Marks

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Last Day of Graduation Rehearsals

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Today is the last day of graduation rehearsals. The sky was overcast and the heat was not so extreme, which is really a blessing. Given that the previous times we had to travel from Antipolo to Paranaque, we were all on the verge of heat exhaustion. The hubby took a picture of my my son and his friend, Tiffany with me on the background (far right) and a fellow homeschooling mom and her kid.

The rehearsal prior to this, the Academic Manager of Living Heritage Academy did an oral examination of all the graduating students. The parents were allowed to be in the office with the head as she tests our child. It’s nothing like an employment screening, I know. Nevertheless, we cannot be more proud as our son readily recited all the pledges (to the Bible and Christian flag), memory verses and animal songs with ease. The teachers were there too to witness and said that his voice sounds like the kid singing from the demo music.

Looking forward to officially homeschool

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In approximately a month from now, I’m going to seriously figure out how to juggle in a set homeschool schedule with my little guy, Jed. Right from when he was an infant, we were already set on homeschooling him. My husband and I  have peace with it despite the odds. Odds are usually spelled relatives who actually think that homeschooling a child is withholding him from a handful of things. While our primary purpose f is the exact opposite of withholding him anything – we want to actually give our son the best education there is available while his parents, still being his primary influencer, which we believe,  is very important.

While homeschooling may be our preference, it is not an absolute. There are families that homeschooling will not be the best option. Unless the parents are wholeheartedly into it, the family will not be able to maximize the benefits of homeschooling.  There really are a lot of dynamics when it comes to this matter.

Even as we are set on homeschooling our son, we were also open to the possibility of getting him enrolled in a regular school after preschool. We had peace with it, I guess it helps a lot that my husband and I have one heart regarding this matter.

This coming June my husband and I are going to have our son assessed. We are pretty sent on using the School of Tomorrow’s (SOT) curriculum. It used to be known as Accelerated Christian Education or ACE. From the assessment that he will undergo, we will know if our son will be enrolled in Preschool with Ace and Christi or ABCs of Ace.

Preschool with Ace and Christi is a program for children who have been tested NOT ready to read, while ABCs of ACE is for children tested READY to read. And more than just the child’s knowledge of the letter sounds, there are a whole lot of other things to consider to pass the assessment for reading readiness. A child’s fine motor skills, for instance. My son has been reading simple three and four letter words from age 2. That gives me confidence that he is reading ready. He has to score 80% to pass the assessment. But the idea is not to be pressured to have the child pass, because if his other skills would mean he has to go through the first level, then that would give him a better grasp of the skills he has yet to learn to get to the next level. 

Needless to say, I am both thrilled and nervous. This is going to be a major milestone for our family. I am thrilled to have this blog journal our journey towards homeschooling with the hope that this will encourage other homeschooling families as well in the future.

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