Switching from Allowance to Commission Method

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

After a couple of weeks of watching the videos of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU), this homeschooling family is stoked on applying the principles. We are still on its baby stage, with 4 credit cards terminated and cut in tiny little pieces, we are already learning a handful lot!

Shortly after the “credit card cut into pieces rite” (haha!), we switched our homeschooler from Allowance to Commission Method. I forgot how exactly Dave Ramsey worded it, but it sounded like, “What allowance? Allowance is for the lazy!” At least that was how it sounded to me. I admit to being taken a back by the strong words, at first. But the reason behind it as he taught on the principle behind it made a whole lot of sense.

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And we’re back!

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

With homeschool break over, we are not back to our regular programming. PACES throughout the weekdays and Singapore Math Tutorial on Saturdays. I am looking into having a half day music class but I’m still choosing the day to schedule that on.

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Homeschoolers on Hiatus

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

Our not so little homeschooler is currently having the time of his life as we officially go on homeschooling hiatus. He has everything planned out even as we have a couple of places to go to for our short getaways. After yet overwhelmed with our Disney trip two weeks ago, we are set to have yet another couple of rounds of traveling!

We are so thrilled to be able to do all these family travels and we know there is just no way we can afford to do this if we weren’t homeschooling. Read this article »

Christmas Break Soon!

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

We are flying to Hongkong Disneyland in a few days and our homeschooler has been counting the days since weeks before. We are grateful that his fever was resolved the soonest last week. But the problem with kid having a fever, the mom loses sleep over overnight sponge baths. I have been nursing this bad colds for a few days now. Talk about immunity running loose.

We officially covered the last PACE Test (Math, no less) yesterday. But I think he is looking forward to checking out his new batch of PACES. For some reason, crisp and brand new PACES gets him excited (just like he would be with new books). Read this article »

Singapore Math Supplementary Class

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

When arithmetic was first introduced to my son when he was in preschool, we had popsicle sticks for manipulatives and that was it. Now that he is officially enrolled in Singapore Math class in Galileo Enrichment Learning Center, we bought him the Number Balance Equalizer and the Base Ten Blocks.

I have been reading that in Singapore Math, there are a handful of manipulatives that are used right from preschool. These are:

a. Counters
b. Multilink cubes
c. Simple balance
d. Number cards
e. Geometric solids
f. Clock with geared hands
g. Tangrams blocks

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Introducing Manipulatives in Learning Singapore Math

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

My son has been attending Galileo Enrichment’s Singapore Math class for a month now and I can see a whole lot of improvement in his overall approach towards the subject.

Last week, we bought him a Number Balance Equalizer by Gigo Toys, which he has figured out how to use and is helping him a great deal in his Math problems. Finally after weeks of trying to find Base Ten Blocks, another manipulative tool used in Singapore Math, Read this article »

Filipino Lesson of the Day: Tuldik

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

One of the more challenging lessons I had to review together with my homeschooler is to relearn “Tuldik” or what can be considered as the stress that is placed in a word.

Tuldik is defined as “bantas na inilalagay sa itaas ng patinig. Gabay ito sa wastong bigkas ng salita. Ang tatlong tuldik ay: paiwa, pahilis at pakupya.” (symbols that is placed atop a vowel that guides how the word is pronounced).

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Gabay Guro Invites Teachers to the Biggest Grand Tribute to Educators

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

As a way of giving back to the teachers, PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro program is holding the biggest event that pays tribute to teachers. The Grand Gathering brings the teachers together for an event featuring some of the biggest celebrities like Edu Manzano, Derek Ramsay, Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Judy Ann Santos, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Ryzza Mae, Rocco Nacino, plus a special tribute by Regine Velasquez.

Two lucky teachers will also win a house and lot, a brand new van, cash, and livelihood packages. This is made possible with the help of these Grand Gathering partners: PLDT Home, myDSL, Cyberya, Cignal, Sun Cellular, Smart, Megaclinic, Asian Hospital, Ayala Land, Inc., myPhone, Coca-Cola, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Johnson & Johnson, and American Home.

gabay guro

(L-Right)  Jojo Alonzo, Rissa Golloso, Gil Garcia, Stateland Inc. First vice President Mr. Grant Orbeta, Gabay Guro Chairman Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla, Foton Vice President for Passenger vehicle Sales Mr. Jesus S. Tadena, Gabay Guro Marketing Head Gary Dujali and PLDT Executive volunteers Francis Bautista and Bong Padiz.

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Simple Rules to Remember in using “-ie-” and “-ei-“

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

“Teacher Mama, it can really be confusing sometimes. How do I spell “receive” again, with ie or ei?” Now I can make myself available to my son every chance he needs an answer but here are simple rules I taught him today that will make it easier for him to remember.

I before E, except after C
or when sounding like AY
as in neighbor and weigh

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Homeschooling while Traveling

 - by Christian Homeschooler admin

We are currently on a homeschool break and we are looking forward to traveling with our family next month. Our homeschooler will soon jumpstart to Level 5 when we come back from our vacation. But truth be told, one of the many advantages of homeschooling is being able to bring the homeschool lessons just about anywhere. Doing school while on vacation is something that is entirely feasible any time of the year.

That said, our family vacation next month will not include homeschooling on the side. We will be spending two birthdays in the family as we recommit to being one in heart and mind as we work towards glorifying God in our lives. We have been in a major turmoil lately and the plan is to press on. The getaway will be a needed break for all of us.

Our homeschooler, being all too much of a wide-reader have got things in his mind that he wants to fly to for our family vacation someday. Read this article »

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