He’d rather read

 - by admin

This scene has become an ordinary thing in our house these days. Jed really is into reading and I am just thrilled how he has started reading with comprehension at a young age. I could leave him for hours a day just soaked in his sea of books.

Although we have game consoles at home and he is not exactly gadget deprived, I have these books to to leave him with while I do my online tasks. His new favorite is the Human Body Collection where he learned about the different systems of the body, even about what happens when people keeps on popping pimples. Our son loves reading so much that when he wakes up earlier than we do, we find him reading one of his many books.  I would even be the one to tear him away from his books sometimes. Especially when he cannot finish his meal because he’s so into the book he’s reading. Balance is something that he needs to learn as well. 🙂

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