This inquisitive homeschooler

My little homeschooler is forever full of questions. He is especially enthralled with things about space, planet and the galaxy. The solar system and its vast beauty.

I am especially thankful for the complete Time Life books my Uncle in the States shipped to us several years ago. We are grateful too that we did not lose it to last year’s Ondoy flooding, like we did several of our other books.

But my son’s questions are not contained in things about the space alone. It is funny how he blurts out innocent but straightforward questions. Like there was this one time I had an acne breakout and was applying acne products, he asked what is the thing on my face and when I say pimple. He will not stop right there. The follow up question goes on and on. Teaching me patience as we go along together in our everyday on goings. I love that Google helps me in times like these. The thing with dealing with a kid is you have to start from scratch, the basics.

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