Teaching the value of sharing

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Our little homeschooling family is thankful for God’s faithful provision for us through the years. The Lord has used a handful of opportunities we grabbed online that allowed for us to be first of all debt free. Debt from previous years was accumulated from medical related expenses.  We were also able to afford to enroll our son to have quality education. Homeschooling also costs even if it is not as much. And live comfortably too.

One of the more concrete things we are currently enjoying is the fact that we do not have to travel without having to use a cup to catch raindrops coming through the windshield. Yes, it has come to that extent and the Lord has been gracious to provide when he allowed for us to buy a car complete with auto insurance with AOG.

We continue to encourage our son to be grateful for everything that he is given, even paying it forward to bless others too.  Even from the time that he turned one we started instilling in him the value of sharing.  Now his mindset is to give away a toy every time he acquires a new one and he is thrilled as he sees being able to bless others this way. 🙂

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