Summer workshops

Summer workshops are being offered left and right and although we would like to try on a few, we have to make use of the free sessions the little guy was given via Center for Pop. I am not really sure how he’s going to fare. He’s never attended a workshop before. But the hubby and I are thrilled for him. Although he would rather that we have him enrolled in a classical form of vocal training, we reckoned that a couple of sessions should not hurt him and tag him as a pop singer instantly.

After going through a workshop, we’re off to preparing for the next level our son will be enrolled in – ABCs with Ace and Christi. As of late, my little guy has been waking up spelling words, from rocket to pool and finding things that rhyme. How’s that for a preparation that is not even teacher motivated. 🙂

I’m happy that with the kind of program our family is registered in, we can actually save a lot. We don’t need to buy school bags year in and year out. We actually make use of the promotional bags that I receive from the press events that I attend, to take care of his paces, some school stuff and art materials. We don’t have to pay school service for transportation,

As for the real workshop that our son will attend after the trial session in Center for Pop, it will be up to him. We’re going to ask him if he enjoys the sessions. If not, we’re going to have to look for another worthy workshop for him this summer. A swimming class, perhaps? 🙂

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