Sick Teacher Mama and kids with mobiles

It was last week when we originally planned to jump start first few classes in Level 1. Never mind if the holidays are fast approaching. But Teacher Mama got sick with Acute Gastroenteritis. I seriously was not keeping anything down for two days. It was then that we resolved to resuming classes in January 2011 instead, with the rest of the traditional school going masses.

Teacher Mama got better after two more days but had to take care of wrapping gifts and the orientation of our new assistant in the house. As we were busy with wrapping gifts for our ministry workers in church, our little homeschooler asked about cell phones and wondered how soon he can get his own. You see, he has figured out how to SMS his father without my teaching him. He said he watched his aunt and learned. Which makes sense to me as I basically learned how to drive by watching. Our son is but five years old and I am not sure. Giving him a mobile would mean that I can contact him anytime. But the thing is we are hardly away from each other, given that we homeschool. Maybe later when he gets to middle school.

Makes me think, what age do you guys think a child should be allowed to use a mobile nowadays?

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