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When some frown towards the choice I have made of not making use of my license to teach in a traditional school, I am never embarrassed to stand up for what I believe in. I never insist my choices on anyone, so I somehow expect them to respect my chosen career. At first, some were blatantly and arrogantly against homeschooling. But as the months progressed to years and have seen how competent my son is paralleled to traditional schooled preschoolers, they knew they just have to keep mum and agree in their heads that there must be something I’m doing right.

And I do not say all these to take credit or even gloat them. In fact, I thank them for their concern. But truth is, this kind of system will not just save me the need to use anti wrinkle serum prematurely, (hurray to not having to do my own lesson plan) but I also get to be the primary influencer of my son. A story of a son believing his teacher more than his parent is ever so common and I’m thankful that this is something unheard of, at least for us. Primarily because I am his teacher and parent as well. Works for us too even as I continue to do my work from home. 🙂

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