My confident little man

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Our five year old homeschooler was the youngest to join this particular game in another kiddie party he attended last weekend over at Max’s in Quezon City.  Although he mostly struggled as he tries to answer in Tagalog (his primary language being English) – the clowns were asking in Tagalog, he went through with it like the confident little man that he is.

Even before we were homeschooling, he was pretty much a confident young lad, volunteering himself every chance he gets during parties.  He makes friends easily regardless of what age group a person belongs to. At 5 years old, I’m not sure if this comes with the fact that he does not get bullied like other kids with self-esteem issues who goes to regular school or it is just the way he is built.  Whichever is the case, I consider myself very blessed as he is not just growing up to be a happy, confident person, but a joy to be around with too.

This confidence in him, we both get to benefit from in our regular homeschooling sessions.  It translates to his confidence to read through paces instructions, stories and practically every single thing that he has to go through our regular days.  I never thought homeschooling will be such a breeze at this stage. I have always heard that it becomes easy during middle school but not so much yet during pre-school. We have the School of Tomorrow curriculum to thank God for. I really cannot imagine using any other curriculum.

Meanwhile, homeschoolers on this corner will have a quick blogging hiatus. We’ll be off to our once a year family vacay. Just a quick KL getaway, nothing fancy as that of Branson vacation packages. But we’ll be back before you know it. 🙂

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