Getting better at reading

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As I get this Christian Homeschooler updated, I cannot help but look forward to going back to our homeschool routine and have my readers get a glimpse of our second year of this homeschool journey. ABC’s with Ace and Christ is the curriculum program that we will have our son take this coming school year. It is actually the program for children who are ready to read.

I am happy to report that even we were off of school, this son of mine have been enjoying his time reading books every single day! It’s actually like we did not get off school at all. It’s just that, we have more informal classes now, if we at all could call it class. A page a day is what he reads. And he’s doing better at this. I really believe he is going to breeze through ABCs with Ace and Christi. The only thing that he is regressing on is he is now back co-sleeping with us. The reason being is that his room is not air conditioned and the unforgiving heat calls for us to use the family bed/mattress. Oh well, he’s not going to be a boy for long and I’m sure I will miss this time with him when he wants to be on his own. ๐Ÿ™‚

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