Could it be that our son misses homeschool time?

It has been a few days since our son has been having a hard time sleeping. Either in the afternoon after lunch or in the evenings. We always make sure that he does not eat sweets hours before bed time but he is still into this tossing and turning episodes. Last week, sleeping didn’t use to be so hard despite the heat. Because we have since regularly turned the a/c on because of the extreme heat. But now even if the a/c is on, he’d still be at it.

Could it be that our son misses homeschool time? I noticed through the developmental stage of our child that he gets into this kind of stage when something from the usual routine changes. I cannot see anything else that could be a reason for his having a hard time sleeping. Of course, there is no way he is fit and old enough to take any of those natural sleep aids. He’s only 4 years old. But I’m hoping to find out real soon. 🙂

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