Check: basic school supplies bought

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I was able to finally buy the school supplies our little guy needs for his next level program this school year – ABC’s with Ace and Christi. I would have to take note though to buy school supplies way ahead of time next time. I really am not a fan of long lines and crowded places. The bookstores are all packed during this time of the year. And fact is, I don’t really need to buy a handful of things just yet. I haven’t exactly opened the material package, which I ought to do very soon. Just to make sure I got everything ready. I’m just a tad too busy nowadays.

The next thing I was meaning to buy yesterday when I was in a department store was our son’s school uniform. As I mentioned in previous posts, he wears school uniform during our class hours to make him get the feel of school time. It has worked for us even as he is able to distinguish which is school time and when class is over. For those of you who might be wondering, I don’t go teaching him in my usual shirt and shorts house clothes. I wear my uniform (blouse and slacks) during our school time. I didn’t buy because I wasn’t sure what I will get will actually fit him. While I may not be very meticulous when it comes to shopping from hand me down stores, I’m not buying him any from one. I’m a little too protective of him that way. I don’t want him acquiring skin disease like eczema or the like from those stores.

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