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A Class Above. Guaranteed.

Before my son and I first visited Tutoring Club, I thought it was no more than the conventional tutoring center all of us are pretty well acquainted with. Interestingly, Tutoring Club actually offers long term solution to students and parents. Tutoring Club more than just takes care of the child’s daily homework and school lessons nor does it just zero in on just getting a student fit to take an exam the day after, as most tutorial centers would service their students.

Much like the School of Tomorrow system that we use for our homeschooling program, Tutoring Club works its way on a child to strengthen his skills in his subjects.  Aside from that, Tutoring Club also addresses the weaknesses of a child. But unlike the band-aid approach most tutorial centers would offer students, Tutoring Club addresses the academic foundation a child needs to be able to run through the advanced levels with ease. Now that is giving our children a brand new way of looking at school and school work.  It is so common to see students flunking and hating school altogether because they have missed the foundational lessons and leveled up anyway because of the way our traditional school system works.

Our homeschooler taking the Skills Assessment Test in Tutoring Club

My son’s least favorite subject is Math, which he probably took after yours truly. I had him take the Math Test Skill Analysis and I was told that for someone who has just finished Level 3, the good news is he has mastered his additional skills. But with subtraction, he has a few mistakes, mostly because of carelessness. When it came to fractions and decimals, he answered a few items correctly. But he has a long way to go. This is understandable because we still have not fully covered these lessons in our class.

As opposed to Tutoring Club’s benchmark in the Math subject, we still do not have fractions in Level 3. I understand that this issue has been brought up by some parents in School of Tomorrow. But the thing about it is that School of Tomorrow has a whole different way of introducing Math to its students as opposed to how advanced Math is presented to same levels in traditional schools.  And for one, it should be expected, even as Tutoring Club’s tagline goes: A Class Above. Guaranteed.

All Tutoring Club students are provided with binders. It is where the students records are kept and their progress tracked. And because Tutoring Club mean business with the guarantee they give to every enrollee, a student should keep at schedule and should not miss class beyond two weeks. Else, they will have to waive the guarantee. The same goes for special students they accept in their system. As a home educator, this earned my trust in Tutorial Club even more. As a homeschooling family, I am hoping that we could enroll our son in their Fun Ranch branch. So whatever our son decides he will be, a robot maker, a scientist, a medical doctor in scrubs or if he’d decide to be in nurse shoes (he wants to be a lot at this point), he will not have to struggle as much in his future lessons. Primarily because his core academic foundations have been taken cared of early on. Truth be told, our frustrations over the quality of education our country generally has is one of the major reasons whey we opted to homeschool our son. And the resolve of Tutoring Club is to improve our children’s education.

Tokens are given to students for job well done and students in turn can exchange it for items in the Tutoring Club Student Mini Store. This is a great way to reward a child’s effort for doing well.

Tutoring Club Student Store

Students who save up their tokens can even exchange them for gift certificates of Toy Kingdom, Fully Booked, Hobbes and Landes and Starbucks.

Tutoring Club was founded in 1991. It first opened its doors in the United States through businessman and entrepreneur Larry Schwartz, a veteran of the children’s learning services industry. The first Philippine branch opened in 2007 in Makati, for students at all levels of academic ability, from elementary through high school.

Tutoring Club franchises currently operate in nearly 200 locations throughout the United States. In the Philippines, Tutoring Club has eight branches located in Sta. Mesa Heights, QC; Fun Ranch, Ortigas; Greenhills, San Juan; Bonifacio High Street, Taguig; Power Plant Mall, Rockwell; Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati; Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa; and Banilad Town Center, Cebu.

Tutoring Club FAQ

Tutoring Club
Website: www.tutoringclub.ph
Mobile: 0918-81-TUTOR
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tutoringclubphil

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