Our son’s Karate class Christmas party

Our son is now doing two months in his Karate class in Footworx. They had their Christmas party this evening held at La Montes, Antipolo. The management of Footworx got both branches of the fitness center come together in this party, with the students and the parents. It was a well attended gathering.

Our son was thrilled to be able to get a lot of prizes from doing his dash acts as he got his booty on during the “Bring Me” game. Some kids came prepared with a special number. But even without practice, our kiddo volunteered to perform. His father asked him if he can sing the “Christmas Time is Near” song and he said yes.

As he was already singing, I guess he forgot the words of the song and whispered to the host that he was going to dance instead. Here goes his unsynchronized dance number, I have no idea where he got from.

For the most part, he enjoyed spending time with his classmates in Karate, enjoying the lights that were playing all over the room during the party and the games and the gift giving. It was a fun time. Having this Karate class as my son’s supplementary subject was a good decision. He is still playful, all right. But with him being able to follow his master’s teachings as he is now able to execute some forms (kata) that are taught them is good thing. He enjoys it too, which is very important. 🙂

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