Our Homeschooler Takes on the Discipleship Lessons Program

Now here’s worth blogging about, our 8 year old taking on our church’s Discipleship Lessons Program. He officially started last May 27, 2013. While he has John 3:16 memorized for a while now, he still has two verses to get this Lesson Number 1 completed.

Discipleship Lesson1

Jed received Jesus Christ in his heart in January 20, 2010. He was 4 years old then. But because we were not sure yet if he sincerely knew what he was doing, we held our horses and waited until we were certain. As our son grew older, the fruit of the Spirit would manifest and with our regular random conversations, we as his parents were assured that he has a personal relationship with Jesus. Our son followed Jesus in the waters of baptism last May 29, 2011, more than a year since the day he chose to have a personal relationship with God.

salvation and assurance

We incorporated this Discipleship Lessons in our church in SBC-Makati right from the time we planted the church. Having been fruits (both my husband and I) of this discipleship program, we knew the importance of following up new believers, basic things of what the Bible says of our faith. Rightfully jump starting with Salvation and Assurance as the first lesson. We are grateful for Pastor Bailey (founder of SBC) for coming up with these lessons that we are now using to equip our church family in Makati.

Above is a screen capture of Discpleship Lesson #1: Salvation and Assurance. Aside from our homeschooler memorizing the Bible verses that comes with the lesson, he is going to the Bible himself to answer the questions. A lot similar to his random questions that get him to look up things himself. One of those he was curious about lately was how to buy silver. So he got to do some research. I believe this is a better and effective way of learning. We are still not sure who our son’s memory supervisor will be. We will have him choose from amongst those who have graduated from the Discipleship Lesson. 🙂

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