Our homeschooler at i-Shine at Acting Trumpets Playshop Workshop

Last month, our family went to attend i-Shine at Acting by Promil Preschool, Trumpets Playshop and Philippine Association for the Gifted. Our homeschooler had a real fab time with the rest of the kids who attended. We called our class off that day to be able to attend the workshop.

Teacher Irene Delarmente mentioned that nurturing a child’s love for acting or performing is a process. Parents who were present were also encouraged to be creative even as we conduct playtime at home. We saw how the teachers conducted their workshop that made it very interesting for the kids. From the use of music to the crafts that they incorporated in the workshop. I’m sure they will be able to create a make believe diamond rings from Reeds, if they want to.

“First, it would greatly help if you expose them to the performing arts – initially through stage plays, puppetry, films etc. Then, identify if their awareness turns into an interest. This is really important because children learn better if they love and enjoy what they are into,” she advised.

“Role-play and pretend with them….tell stories and act out the characters with them…sing and dance with them. This whole learning environment at home greatly helps in the nurturing process,” she said.

My husband and I are deliberating on enrolling our son in Trumpets Playschool for their Saturday classes. We were told that we should receive a call last month, in time for the start of their November class. Here are a couple of videos I took during the i-Shine at Acting Trumpets Playshop workshop.

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