Our 5 year old homeschooler is now a yellow-belter

This sure is turning out to be a real interesting phase for all of us. Being enrolled in Karate class since October 2010, we are not sure when our 5 year old homeschooler will be promoted to yellow belt. As far as we can see see, he is, for the most part, still into a lot of playing. Apparently, there are things we do not know beyond what we see him do during his Karate class and we are more than thrilled. 🙂

He is the youngest in the first batch of white-belters to take the examination for the promotion. It’s just so fun watching him do all these basics and kata.  During his regular Karate class, we are not allowed inside the dojo. We only get to see what they do through the glass partitioned room.

Our homeschooler is the one on the farthest left. The child on his right is around 7 years old or so, which explains his defined stance and more developed gross motor skills.

I love that my son was not at all distracted. It was pretty crowded around the dojo, with not just karate students waiting in line for their turn for the promotion examination, parents are all over as well. You can just imagine how hard it was for me to get a decent shot.

All four of them were told to do their kata routine and Jed was the first to finish as we think he will. During his practice with his father, he will always be reminded by his papa not to be in a hurry to finish the routine. But he did well. It makes me giddy watching him do his routine.

During the earlier months of his Karate class, he once or twice said that karate is so tiring. But now that he’s a yellow-belter, he said he’s excited to attend his karate classes even more and wants to have a black belt someday and be a Sensei. He even asked to have a dojo built when the renovation of our house pushes through. He randomly said this while we were looking online for floor plan designs. We really would like a terrace facade like one of the houses we saw in www.carolinadesigns.com.

Moving on, here’s our 5 year old yellow-belter homeschooler. 🙂

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