Karate or Music?

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These homeschoolers are still very much on school break. We have yet to swing by School of Tomorrow to submit Jed’s Level 3 PACE Tests. We are scheduled to have this done this coming Monday, which happens to be our family day.

Aside from our homeschooler getting happily acquainted with neighborhood kids and regularly play street games like we used to, we are also looking into either going back to Karate class in Pasig or focusing on music and have him go back to his piano lessons. Because Jed regularly sees his father play the guitar, he expresses interest in learning guitar instead. If God wills it, we will be able to set up our home music room and maybe slowly build it with basic instruments and martin rosewood custom dread acous music123. We have prayed for this for years and we now see hope of seeing this actually happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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