Back in Karate Class

It has been more than a month since our homeschooler took a break from attending his karate classes. After his dengue episode early last month, he had to rest for a week longer. This took from him half of the month of September.

And since the tuition for his Karate classes is paid in advance every month, I figured that we won’t be able to maximize the tuition fee even if we availed of the least number of classes (given our schedules). We are all glad that he’s back in his Karate class and he’s able to jump right back to health. Never mind if we had to skip plans of lounging on the shores of Boracay with my Reading Sunglasses and Jeff being able to jetski again because of our cancelled Boracay vacay. To date, our homeschooler is 3 PACES (for every subject) shy away from Level 3! 🙂

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