Mentoring Minds and Critical Thinking Strategies

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Because the quality of traditional school system is steadily declining through the years, homeschooling is increasingly becoming a popular option for parents who would choose to provide the best education to their children minus to hefty price tag.

Facts and fundamentals apply to subjects like Math and Science. But the application of logic and reasoning should be encouraged in every other subject. While there is this controversy about critical thinking system sometimes going overboard when they tend to lean towards skepticism and general confusion, I have reason to believe that it is still as important for children to be encouraged to probe and formulate solutions based on given fundamentals. Critical thinking strategies help students learn to think for themselves.

It is interesting that Mentoring Minds has these basic questions answered, whenever they come up with a material for their system:

  • What do classroom teachers need to make sure every child masters this material?
  • How can children apply their knowledge in new situations?

It is important that teachers are confident in their ability to facilitate their classes. If more schools are better equipped in handling their students and are more knowledgeable on how to go about their craft, then that will mean better future for our children and the succeeding generations.

“Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom” Proverbs 4:7

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