Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

This homeschooling family was invited to Galileo Enrichment Learning Center in Makati last August 14. As teachers, my husband and I firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process. Even now that we are sold out on the curriculum that we currently use as we homeschool our son, we are still open to other avenues for learning, reinforcement programs specifically, like what Galileo offers.

GALILEO is a meaningful, exciting and fun ENGLISH & MATH enrichment program for children ages 3 to 12. It is a lifetime advocacy that opens minds and enriches lives. These first two lines basically got us listening. We were even more thrilled that during the short orientation that one of the hubby’s professors in Ateneo, Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, is going to be one of the speakers at the upcoming Giving Children the Winning Edge event happening on Oct. 1 & 2, 2010.

The Galileo center strategically programed each stop for their students with their respective purposes.  It allows for the children to have fun while they are at the business of learning. Even parents will appreciate how the people behind this program designed it.

Here are some snapshots I took before the event started.  The attraction of the little guy to the very conducive place for learning was instant. He was one thrilled boy, no need for warming up as always. Got himself cozy with the teachers and helped himself with the learning toys the teachers made available for him.

Galileo’s General Manager, Ms. Irene Lucas jump started the brief orientation that basically walked us through what Galileo Enrichment Program is all about.

A teacher discussed some of the Reasons why parents choose Galileo:

  • Good foundation to develop English and Math skills
  • Promotes MASTERY as building blocks to speed and accuracy
  • Optimum Teacher to Student ration of 1:5
  • Taps different learning styles
  • Child-friendly learning environment
  • Qualified and highly trained teachers

Jed took a diagnostic test of sorts for us to be able to determine the level he is already in and to also identify the areas of learning that he needs assistance on.

The diagnostic tests that are given are individualized to properly assess the learning needs of a child. Little Amber was given a different set of tests.

Blings Things. This is where the students of Galileo Enrichment Learning Center are able to buy with their Galileo money, which they accumulate by the number of stars they acquire during the program. I especially love that the children are able to get a grasp of the concept of money and actually make use of it as they learn.

Galileo money

Galileo also has a Cyber Explorer corner which I think is another great avenue for learning.  Because of today’s children’s early exposure to technology, it is no longer a surprise anymore how kids nowadays can easily grab a hold of computer concepts .  Whilst its unlimited usage for children has its disadvantages, guided use and with the proper educational software will actually be to their advantage as they adapt to its concept and later breeze through the various applications they will have to use with it as they move towards middle school and college.

I am one proud Teacher Mama (as my homeschool boy fondly calls me during our class hours) as he aced his exams. But I agreed with the teacher that he needs to learn to be less distracted and keep his attention on his work.  He can be a little careless with his numbers sometimes.  As he was too eager to jump to the next phase, which is to move to the cyber corner, he wanted to quickly finish the test right away, which acquired him a mistake or two.

Galileo’s CEO and President, Ms. Rowena Matti, indulging the little guy as he happily browsed through the Funtastic Mathematics book he was gifted with as the event was wrapped up.

Galileo Activity books that are available in bookstores for less than 400. My little homeschooler is enjoying as he works through pages of the book since he got it.

My son especially loves the “take off” and “landing” concept as he is currently into things about the solar system these days.  He gets to time himself as he goes through one page to another.  This book is a great tool/supplement to the current homeschool materials we use.

My husband and I agreed that we will be giving the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program a try and see how our son will respond to it.


Galileo Enrichment Learning Program
393 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Contact Nos. 890.2509, 895.8095

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