Words that Do Two Jobs

Last week, in our English subject, our homeschooler learned about words that can name a thing and also show an action. Even as our son is already in Level 3, we find that it still helps that his paces have these illustrations to help him understand better.  Especially when it comes to telling one from the other.

cut – cut

saw – saw

duck – duck

jam – jam

watch – watch

fly – fly

can – can

land – land

water – water

catch – catch

These are just a few of the words that can be used to name things and can also be used as action words (verb). It is fun when our homeschooler applies what he learns in his lessons in our day to day conversations. Aside from his innate tendency to inject corny jokes out of words (which he took after his father), he’d use the most trivial of things around the house, like the wall mounted computer desk and play with words that he recently learned and just have fun as we go about our regular conversations in the house. 🙂

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  1. Awwwww, si Ace! Nice to see Ace and his friends in “paces” again 🙂 I didn’t go to an ACE school but my younger sister did, so I’m familiar with Ace and the other characters, as well as ACE school. I went to a Christian school, so I hope to send my baby-in-the-womb to a Christian school too when the time comes 😉

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