Today’s New Animal: Aging Ape

 - by admin

Yes, due to my son’s insistence on studying in advance, we’re actually tackling two animals for this week. Zippy Zebra was done in two days and now enters Aging Ape.

All 26 letters of the English alphabet were tackled when we met Zippy Zebra.  But because our curriculum is into phonics, the coming days will be focused on Aging Ape – “long A” letter sound.  Before we tackled the “long A” sound, all the words that my son reads that have “A” in them, will be read as “A” as in Antelope.  Now that he has encountered the “long A” sound, he now analyzes if the “A” in the word should be read as “A” for Antelope or “A” for Ape.

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