This homeschooler learns “Patinig”

Alpabetong Filipino is an optional subject for Level 1 students who are on the School of Tomorrow system. My husband and I decided to have our son take that subject for him to be able to adjust to learning the Filipino language. His primary language is English and although he can, for the most part, understand Tagalog conversations. He still cannot talk in straight Tagalog. He does not just stammer when he tries to talk in Tagalog. He cannot read words written in Filipino.

Two weeks since we started him on Alpabetong Filipino and I think he is doing pretty well. Last week, when he was learning “Patinig” – the Filipino vowels, I recorded a video of him as he reads through the exercises. He loves browsing through past video clips of our homeschooling lessons.

He appreciates how he has progressed from the time that he was barely able to read in 2009. Of course, there will always be his remarks when he will make fun of himself how “tabachoy” he is and he likes it. Not that he would need any best weight loss supplements anytime soon. He really is just big for his age. We are glad that his appetite has always been good even if we do not give him vitamin supplements.

It is only now that I truly appreciate all the video recording that I have been doing since we started homeschooling. We are all able to celebrate his progress by watching back on previous lessons that he has learned. 🙂

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