The 26th Animal of Preschool with Ace and Christi: Zippy Zebra

Zip-py, the ze-bra, likes to run o-ver the Ze-bra Zoom Zone — Oh, what fun!

Zip-py, the zebra’s, teeth were loose, and the zoo den-tist helped him learn the truth.

This is how the song of Zippy Zebra goes. Before going ahead with the introduction of each animal.  My son and I learn the words of the song together, then the motions that go with it.  Then when we know how the motions and words go, that is the time we turn the music on and sing together with it.

The song that goes with each week’s animal focuses on a particular letter sound, and the song tells the story of the animal.  For this week it is the letter sound Z. Aside from learning about the letter sound, we also learned a few other things about the specific animal.  This week’s is Zebra.

Zebra looks like a horse but has a white coat with black stripes.  Stripes run all over the zebra’s body.  The zebra’s long ears have stripes.  The zebra’s  short,  thick mane has stripes.  Even the zebra’s tail has stripes.  Only the black, fuzzy end of the zebra’s tal does not have stripes.

The zebra’s black stripes blend in with (look like) the wavy, tall grasses and bushes.  The zebra’s stripes help it to hide from its enemies. Zebras live in the land of Africa.  We again looked for Africa from the globe.  Mst zebras live on the wide, grassy plains where there is plenty of grass for them to eat.

Zebras love to run.  They are very fast runners. Zebras love to race across the grassy plains, faster and faster and faster, leaving a cloud of dust behind them.

Usually, zebras live peacefully (do not fight) with other animals like giraffes, antelopes and ostriches.  When an enemy comes, zebras become strong fighters.  they fight fiercely to protect the other zebras. Each spring, the mother zebra has a baby and helps it to stand up.  Soon, the baby zebra is able to stand by itself.  The baby zebra kicks up its heels and runs a little.  The baby zebra is stays close to its mother.  other men hunt zebras for their skins. Striped zebras skin makes very tough, strong leather.

Like with the rest of the other animals that we have previously encountered, my little guy would always love for us to go to Google and YouTube for pictures and video clips of the real thing.  Today, we encountered via YouTube a Zebra giving birth to her colt.  It was amazing.  Jed has this thing about baby animals and as we looked for baby animals, this is what we found.

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