Singapore Math Supplementary Class

When arithmetic was first introduced to my son when he was in preschool, we had popsicle sticks for manipulatives and that was it. Now that he is officially enrolled in Singapore Math class in Galileo Enrichment Learning Center, we bought him the Number Balance Equalizer and the Base Ten Blocks.

I have been reading that in Singapore Math, there are a handful of manipulatives that are used right from preschool. These are:

a. Counters
b. Multilink cubes
c. Simple balance
d. Number cards
e. Geometric solids
f. Clock with geared hands
g. Tangrams blocks

While my son is into science experiments and reading through industrial pumps and his father’s mechanical engineering books, we resolved to have his Math skills strengthened by incorporating Singapore Math as his supplementary class which he attends two hours per week.

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