Post-Test, Take 1

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When our small battalion of 3 headed towards the South of Manila Monday morning, I was not exactly expecting my son, who has been an avid reader from age 4 to flunk his post test for ABC’s with Ace and Christi- the last level of the preschool program of the School of Tomorrow.

The teacher who administered the test said that she has no problem with our son’s ability to read. In fact,  she affirms, that he is really good at it. But since it requires preschoolers to pass the post-test exam 100%, he did not make it because of his clumsy handwriting.  I would have to admit that there was a tinge of disappointment. But even as my husband and I waited for our not so little homeschooler to step out of the testing room, I felt a sense of relief that we are in a homeschool program that is of utmost quality. You have to agree with me when I say it is just too easy for homeschoolers with no “quality control”  criteria like such that serves like scales of sorts to let their “student” (or child, for this matter) to level up at their discretion.

Here is to give you an idea of what caused our preschooler to fail his post-test.  As I allowed my son to bury himself in his mountain of books for hours a day (he so loves reading), I took for granted his writing skills. Whenever I would have him sit down to write, he would often say it is too tiring and he would rather read.  You cannot really blame a mother to thrill over her son who has embraced a real love for reading without us having to force him into it. So there goes the balance that homeschoolers ought to be aware of.

Two days since the post test and I would have to say that his writing has greatly improved already. This just goes out to show that the shortcoming is really on me. I did not follow through enough with his writing skills.  I just love that my son adapts easily and understands that writing is part of learning and not just his reading.  Now that he really loves to read, it is something that he looks forward to after his “writing exercises,” while as before he would look forward to playing Wii or xbox after his reading exercises.

The teacher who administered his post test told us to come back after a week or so for our son to re-take his post test.  My son’s failure to pass the first time is not a big deal for us. In fact, it is more of a learning experience for our little homeschooling family. 🙂

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