Our homeschooler’s first attempt at Cursive Handwriting

While some schools wait until the second week of January to resume classes, our homeschooling routine after the holidays started on January 3. It was the first day of our Level 3 class. One of the first lessons Jed had was the introduction of Cursive Handwriting. I was almost sure that it was going to be a challenge since this homeschooler has gotten used to handwriting in manuscript and is already pretty comfortable with it.

Just to give you an idea how well our 6 year old son is doing on his manuscript writing, above is a sample.  The School of Tomorrow‘s curriculum has such well-designed program that my son’s progression to this kind of good handwriting was not pushed at all. As with most of his subject’s approach to every lesson, mastery plays the important role to retention and the child’s improvement on every given lesson.  We seriously could not have chosen a better homeschooling curriculum for our son.

I was pretty impressed at how my son fared on his first few pages of learning cursive handwriting.  Photo above was the first page he finished.

As I looked through the pages, I saw how it was designed to allow the student to progressively learn the strokes. For all I know it might just be the same approach for most handwriting skills learning in any regular school. I’m just amazed, nonetheless. These breakthroughs, new learnings excite us. Also tells us that our son is growing up so fast too! Bittersweet indeed.

This 6 year old homeschooler’s first attempt to cursive handwriting is impressive for me. I can’t remember being able to write so well in manuscript in that age, let alone a cursive one. Time sure is flying by so fast! It was only like yesterday when he used to sit on his bouncy chair getting himself entertained by mandolin and other musical instruments on Baby Einstein. Then he enjoyed singing soon enough. Now this homeschooler is up and about preparing for his recital. That’s another post altogether.

Jed is currently working on a 5 pages per subject, per day on his goals. He tried doing 10 pages per subject, but it took him all day to finish. Five pages per day meant he can essentially finish one whole PACE per day. A PACE’s number of pages ranges from 27 to 39. He currently has 8 subjects that he does 5 pages on each per day. Forty pages per day.  By our calculation of his 4 day school week, he should be done in roughly 80 school days.  An update from this homeschooling corner. 🙂

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  1. That is AWESOME handwriting!I might have to check that out for my son.

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