Level 4 we go!

My son and I went last week to order from School of Tomorrow his Level 4 PACES. And today we picked up his materials for this current level. He was so thrilled that he started reading through one of the books that he’s going to use. Unlike his previous levels where all he had were PACES for each subject, this time around he has two books for his Literature and Creative Writing.

Although homeschooling is proving to still be of lesser expense for us than if we enroll our son to a regular school, it still an expense we have to set a budget for.  Aside from the materials, we also had to pay for the yearly Academic Fee, which is not much. It’s good that we have an option to return the books when our homeschooler is done with them and get 50% refund. The same goes for the score keys. We are officially returning to our homeschooling grind next week! 🙂

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