Lesson for the Day: Haste Makes Waste

Today is our second day of school.  We started school last Tuesday. My school boy is too eager to go right back to school when he saw his school materials for his current homeschool program – ABCs with Ace and Christi. Today’s lesson came from the story of Abbie Antelope who is always in a hurry.  Abbie’s mom would always remind her that “Haste Makes Waste.”

Haste means hurrying to fast. If you are hasty, you are doing something too quickly to do it well. Waste means you spoil something good or don’t use it properly. If you do thinks too quickly , you may waste time because you have to do those things over again.

I love that our homeschool curriculum incorporates such valuable lessons.  There are just a lot of things we are really thrilled about in our current homeschool program. ABCs with Ace and Christi is proving to be an even more exciting program for us. I love how this program transitions the child to work at his own pace now that he is able to read instructions as opposed to last curriculum’s visualized instructions.

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