Learning about Yaks

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We learned about Yaks two weeks ago. Tibet is where Yaks can be found. For some reason, the globe that we have did not have Tibet on it. We went to Google Earth instead for this purpose.

My son loved learning about animals. Yak especially interests him because of their odd, shaggy hair. We learned that their hair keep them warm during the long and cold winter in Tibet. During one of our physical activity time, we tried to mimic how Yaks walk and how their heads hung very low, almost touching the ground.

The picture above is one of the images that we saw when we searched for Yaks on the internet. One particular thing that my son observed is that yaks’ built are really huge. Not that they need appetite suppressants or something, we learned that they need the weight because they carry heavy loads. Sometimes yaks are used to carry mail to the people who live in tent homes in the mountains.

Baby yaks are born during the summer. The mama yak is careful to watch over her baby. The round, shaggy baby yak is never far from the mama yak’s side. Farmers get milk from yaks. ¬†Farmers make leather saddles, whips and boots from yak skins. Even yak hair is useful too. Some of the hair is used to make ropes, mats and tent coverings. The softer hair is used to make cloth. People even use the yak’s bushy tail as a flyswatter. Yaks are wonderful, useful animals for the people of Tibet.

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