Learning about umbrella birds

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This is the second day we are learning about umbrella birds.  It is actually the first time that I have encountered such animal.  Even as my son’s teacher, I am thrilled to be learning a lot myself.  The focus for this week’s animal is the sound of  “short U”.  This is one of the images that we found from the internet of an umbrella bird.  The umbrella bird has a tuft of feathers that rises from the top of tis head.  This tuft of feathers makes the umbrella bird look as if it is carrying an umbrella all the time. The umbrella bird also has a flap of skin hanging down the ront of its neck.  This flap of skin is covered with feathers and looks like an umbrella handle.  Although the umbrella bird seems strange, it is a pretty bird. Its feathers are blue-black and shiny.  The umbrella bird is about the size of a crow.

We used the globe to spot the jungles of South America, where umbrella birds live.  My son immediately ran his finger down where South America is and told me right on that is the same place where Jaguars can be found.  He sure has retained so many things that we have learned previously, more than I do. Umbrella birds make their nests at the very top of the tallest trees.  

The mama umbrella bird sings a loud, clear song, as she hunts food for her hungry babies.  She is looking for sweet berries and other fruit.  The baby umbrella birds don’t stop crying for food until their mouths are stuffed full of the good fruit.  The mama umbrella bird is happy to have her nest so high in the tree.  No animals can bother her babies up there. The breezes that blow through the tops of the trees make the nest gently sway back and forth.  The mama umbrella bird has a safe, comfortable home for her babies.  


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