Filipino Lesson of the Day: Tuldik

One of the more challenging lessons I had to review together with my homeschooler is to relearn “Tuldik” or what can be considered as the stress that is placed in a word.

Tuldik is defined as “bantas na inilalagay sa itaas ng patinig. Gabay ito sa wastong bigkas ng salita. Ang tatlong tuldik ay: paiwa, pahilis at pakupya.” (symbols that is placed atop a vowel that guides how the word is pronounced).

After having learned this lesson and forgotten right from elementary, I never thought I would have to relearn over again. This is a challenge in homeschooling but fun nonetheless. But I admit save on drum box is way easier than this.

Mga Apat na Uri ng Tuldik (4 Types of Tuldik):

1. Malumay
2. Malumi
3. Mabilis
4. Maragsa

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