Done with the first half of ABCs with Ace and Christi Program

My little homeschooler and I wrapped up the first half of our current curriculum – ABCs with Ace and Christi. We were told by the representative of Living Heritage Academy that this program will more or less be done by three months.

We have actually started with the second half and are guided by this second manual of the curriculum program. We started with the program last June. We will off to Level 1 proper in the next couple of months. Time flies! 🙂

My husband and I are pleased that we have chosen to homeschool our son. In all honesty, I was frazzled when we were just starting. I had no confidence whatsoever. I was kinda/sorta double second guessing myself. But we were starting at just the right time. Pre-school. How bad can it get, methinks. So we figured if things don’t go so well, we can always get the little guy enrolled in a regular school. More than a year since and we’re sailing smoothly reaping more than what we expected. I’m so blessed to have one heart with my husband as we journeyed through this.

Early last week, Jed is finally done with the last pace of Math for this curriculum program.  I’m sure other schools using progressive curricula use a more complex math program for their preschoolers. While I have been reading a lot of feedback that SOT might have that for a waterloo, I’m really not fussing over it just yet.  I’m not much into manufacturing a super whiz kid of sorts. I think my son is doing good right now. Everything looks so easy for him as he often get perfect scores in his paces test.

I’d like to think that the overall flow of the curriculum has got a major hand on that matter, more than the possible theory that the curriculum we use is a tad too easy.  I’d rather call the whole program “effective.” Because it really is. It teaches the student to learn progressively, incorporating a process. Nothing rote. This allows for whatever he is learning to be retained. Incidentally, I’m looking into Online Schools on a couple of courses I have been considering for sometime now. The way our little homeschooler is progressing encourages me to look into it since I really cannot find it feasible at this moment to physically go to school and still do the things on my plate right now.  Praying still that we will not do this in haste. We will have to factor everything in.  🙂

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