Almost there!

We are less than a couple weeks away from finishing our Level 4 PACES! Unlike the previous months, the homeschooler is more excited about finishing all of his goals every day this past weeks. It used to take him until evening to finish the goals he has set to finish everyday, which is 5 pages for each 8 subjects.

For this particular PACE set, he was especially challenged in his Filipino PACE. He had to go through “Pang-uri” (Adjective) and “Pang-abay” (Adverb) a three time run through before he was able to master them. I admit to having had a hard time myself since I also had to go through the lesson to be able to get him to understand fully before he went on to work on his Filipino PACE test.

Here’s how our homeschooler fared in his most recent PACE tests:

Math – 97%
English – 97.5%
Social Studies – 100%
Science – 100%
Word Building – 100%
Filipino – 97%
Araling Panlipunan – 100%
Creative Writing – 100%

We are looking forward to ordering our homeschooler’s Level 5 PACE materials when we have submitted all his Level 4 PACE Tests and Master Record Sheet. For every level we are given two choices of what kind of material we will order. The pricier one is the U.S. print, which is brochure printing material. This consists of PACES with colored pages that can help rouse the homeschooler’s excitement for learning. While the local print is more like newspaper material. The price difference is give or take five thousand pesos. For every level our homeschooler finishes, he gets to have a reward. We are still deliberating on what to give him for this level. 🙂

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