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As much as I love receiving messages (either via comment section or contact form page), I really would appreciate it if people will read through my posts and even click on Christian Homeschooler’s FAQ Page. For some reason, I keep getting inquiries about how they can enroll their children in “my school” or even requesting for their transcript of records from random years. I receive these in my inbox EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I love that this page is ranked quite well when people search about homeschooling. But I believe that it does not even require someone to know how to run thorough youthology reviews to figure out that I am a mere homeschooling parent who happens to document our homeschooling journey through this blog. Not once did I say that I own a school. I may be a licensed teacher all right, but I still have not put up a school of our own just yet. It is something we are praying about. But is not in any way happening anytime soon.

Christian Homeschooler’s FAQ page has a lot of information that you guys can make use of. Information and details of the homeschool curriculum that we use and the number you can call for inquiries. I will really appreciate it if you guys will read through the FAQ page before asking me for your transcript, request to be enrolled and the like.  Thank you for understanding and I hope you guys will learn a thing or two through our journey. 🙂

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