Regular school day for Homeschoolers despite suspension announcement

Monday is supposed to be the first day of class for students. But it was yet again suspended because of another weather disturbance. Last week’s suspension was because of Typhoon Gener. This is but a usual scenario to traditionally schooled children. This benefit of not having to miss class is one of the things our homeschooling family enjoy.

We often carry on with our usual homeschooling schedule even during class suspension announcements. Sometimes, when our homeschooler is done with most of his goals for the week, he gets to play the yamaha p85. Two things our little guy loves – books and music! We allow him to submerge himself in both as we see him thoroughly enjoy both.

Meanwhile, as per forecast, weather is going to get worse through the week. Praying that we all stay safe and dry as we enjoy homeschooling! 🙂

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