No commuting trouble: Another benefit of homeschooling

Another advantage for homeschooling families is the fact that our children do not have to endure endless hours on the road in his school service, which is becoming a common scenario nowadays. This is especially true for children who are living around Marikina and Rizal area during heavy rainfall.

The reason being is that flooding has been happening along Marcos Highway lately during heaving rains.  I’m not talking about storms and typhoon yet. We cannot help but point our fingers to the construction of the SM establishment in Masinag. Ever since construction started there, Marcos Highway has become a catch basin when it rains. Thus, the flooding. That construction might have messed up with the pipelines or something. They would have to figure this out. Because nothing like this has happened before the construction.

With this scenario of traffic being paralyzed for hours whenever it rains happening twice already this month, I cannot help but change my mind on getting our kiddo enrolled in a regular school. My husband and I considered sending our son to a Jesus Flock Academy next year. The academy also utilizes the same School of Tomorrow curriculum that we currently use.

Although the plan is for me to personally drive our son to and from school, it would be too much of a hassle to spend hours on the road. I’m sure my being a member of a reliable roadside assistance club will help whenever I get in trouble on the road. But I honestly think a problem this big should be addressed by our local government soon. And hopefully, this will be resolved before the problem gets worse.

This again, gives us another reason to stay put and enjoy the benefits of being homeschoolers.

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  1. I agree to that. Also a big budget cut on the parents too.=)

  2. hi. pls send me info (tuition fee, requirement). i’m interested in homeschooling my child. she will be in grade 3 this yr. thanks!

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